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Coelho Neto Henrique Maximiano

Coelho Neto Henrique Maximiano (1864—1934)

Henrique Maximiano Coelho Neto is a writer, politician, and professor born in Maranhão on February 21, 1864. His father was Portuguese, but his mother was an indigenous woman whose name translates as "Ana Wild Rabbit."

He initially studied law and became an abolitionist who favored a republic. Towards that end he became active in journalism to aid the cause and later politics. He gained position as a government minister in Rio de Janeiro (state). He would also be president of the Academia Brasileira de Letras. On the personal front in 1890 he married and the marriage produced 14 children. He died on November 28, 1934.

Brazil, 1964, Henrique Coelho Neto


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