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Mälk August

The novelist and short-story writer was born in the village of Lümanda near the west coast of Estonia's Saaremaa Island, where, as headmaster of the local elementary school, he made his first attempts at fiction writing. Indeed, Mälk is best known for his masterly depiction of Saaremaa coast people's lives. Mälk won official recognition in the late 30s and was briefly involved in politics in 1937-40. In 1944 he fled to Sweden to escape Soviet occupation and was chairman of the Union of Estonian Writers in Exile in 1945-82. During his emigre period his work acquired new qualities and he died before seeing Estonia regain her independence.

Estonia, 2000, August Malk

Estonia, 2000.09.20, Tallinn. August Malk

Estonia, 2000.10.04, Kuresaare. August Malk


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