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Tammsaare Anton Hansen

Tammsaare Anton Hansen (1878—1940)

A.H. Tammsaare (actually Anton Hansen) is one of the greatest prose-writers in the history of Estonian literature. He achieved artistic mastery in the drama Judith (1921), which offers a novel interpretation of a Biblical story, and the poetic conflict novel The Master of Kõrboja Farm (1922). His main work, the five-volume Truth and Justice (1926–33), one of the greatest psychological development novels of the 20th century, creates monumental characters and paints an extensive picture of Estonian life from the late 19th to the first decades of the 20th century.

Estonia, 2003, Sculpture of Anton Hansen Tammsaare

Estonia, 2003.01.30, Tallinn. Anton Hansen Tammsaare

USSR, 1978.01.30, Tallinn. Anton Hansen Tammsaare

USSR, 1977, Anton Hansen-Tammsaare

USSR, 1983.10.26, Sculpture of Anton Hansen Tammsaare


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