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Aho Juhani
(1861 —1921)

Aho Juhani  (1861 —1921)

Juhani Aho was the first professional Finnish writer and is regarded as a kind of national writer of Finland. Juhani Aho was known as Johannes Brofeldt before he changed his name in 1907. He wrote several novels and an even greater number of short stories of distinct ("lastuja" in Finnish). Their topics could vary from political allegories to... More...

Finland, 1961, Juhani Aho

Finland, 1996, «Juha»

Finland, 2011, Juhani Aho

Finland, 1961.11.09, Helsinki. Pen

Finland, 2011.09.05, Helsinki. Juhani Aho

Finland, 1996, «Juha»


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