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Usigli Rodolfo

Usigli Rodolfo (1905—1979)

Rodolfo Usigli was a Mexican playwright. He was born to an Italian father and a Polish mother in Mexico City. His play El gesticulador, 1938 was perhaps the only play ever to be censored by the Mexican government for political reasons. The award-winning Usigli believed the objective of theatre was to tell the truth about society. He was known for his strong representation of women in plays. Usigli designed strong female characters in several of his plays. Two of Usigli's protégées, Rosario Castellanos and Luisa Josefina Hernández, became important female voices on the Mexican stage.

Mexico, 2005, Rodolfo Usigli

Mexico, 2005.11.15, Mexico. Rodolfo Usigli


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