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Arnim Achim Carl Joachim Friedrich Ludwig von

Arnim Achim Carl Joachim Friedrich Ludwig von(17811831)

German writer of the romantic school. He is best remembered for his work with his brother-in-law, Clemens Brentano, on the folk-song collection Des Knaben Wunderhorn [the boys magic horn] (18068). Arnims novels include Gräfin Dolores (1810) and the unfinished Die Kronenwächter [the guardians of the crown] (1817). He was at his best in his historical novels, notably in Isabella of Egypt (1812, tr. 1927) and Owen Tudor (1809). Arnim had a predilection for the fantastic and the supernatural. Like Herder, he helped to create a popular German literary tradition.

Berlin, 1981, Achim von Arnim

Berlin, 1981.01.15, Berlin. Achim von Arnim


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