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Fontane Theodor

Fontane Theodor (1819–1898)

German writer. Although he is primarily important as a novelist, he did not begin to write fiction until he was almost 60 years old. Thereafter, during his last two decades, he produced almost a novel a year. Earlier he had written two volumes of poetry, Gedichte (1851) and Balladen (1861), as well as accounts of his travels and his experiences as... More...

Berlin, 1952, Theodor Fontane

Berlin, 1970, Theodor Fontane

DDR, 1969, Theodor Fontane

German Federal Republic, 1994, Theodor Fontane

German Federal Republic, 2003, Statue of Fontane, Neuruppin

Berlin, 1970.01.07, Berlin. Theodor Fontane

DDR, 1985.05.12, Tiefenseeю Theodor Fontane

German Federal Republic, 1994.11.09, Bonn. Theodor Fontane


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