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Storm Theodor

Storm Theodor(1817—1888)

German poet and novelist, b. Schleswig-Holstein. From 1843 to 1853 he practiced law in his native Husum, but he was exiled (1853–64) by Denmark for pro-Prussian sentiments. After Schleswig-Holstein became Prussian he served the government as a judge, retiring in 1880 to Hademarschen, where his country place became a literary mecca. His view that... More...

DDR, 1967, Theodor Storm

German Federal Republic, 1988, Theodor Storm

German Federal Republic, 1976.12.23, Husum. City of Storm

German Federal Republic, 1977.12.14, Hanerau. Theodor Storm

German Federal Republic, 1988.05.05, Bonn. Theodor Storm


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