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Hebbel Christian Friedrich

Hebbel Christian Friedrich(18131863)

German tragic dramatist. Born poor, he was largely self-educated. Hegels historical theories influenced his work, which is a link between romantic and realist drama. Hebbels first play, Judith (1840, tr. 1914), introduced a new type of tragic character, heroic through degradation and retribution rather than through virtue. Other works include Maria Magdalena (1844, tr. 191315); the historical tragedies Herod and Mariamne (1850, tr. 1912) and Agnes Bernauer (1852, tr. 1909); Gyges and His Ring (1856, tr. 1914); and the great trilogy The Nibelungs (1862, tr. 1903). His tragedies contain much violent emotion, and they usually portray a struggle between old and new sets of values.

DDR, 1963, Friedrich Hebbel

German Federal Republic, 2013, Friedrich Hebbel

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