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Eichendorff Joseph Freiherr von

Eichendorff Joseph Freiherr von (17881857)

German poet, a leader of the late romantics. He studied law, volunteered in Lützows corps in the Napoleonic Wars, and, as a civil servant in Berlin, associated with Schlegel, Arnim, Brentano, and other romantic poets. Eichendorffs lyric verse, in folk-song style, is notable for its highly personal expression of love of home and worship of... More...

DDR, 1988, Joseph von Eichendorff

German Federal Republic, 1957, Stage Coach

German Federal Republic, 1988, Solitude of the Green Wood

DDR, 1988.02.08, Berlin. Joseph von Eichendorff

German Federal Republic, 1988.02.18, Bonn. Joseph von Eichendorff


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