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Mann Heinrich

Mann Heinrich(18711950)

German novelist; older brother of Thomas Mann. He was a prolific author; themes of social criticism dominate his works. The Poor (1917, tr. 1917) and The Chief (1925, tr. 1925) deal with regeneration through democracy. The famous Professor Unrat (1905; tr. The Blue Angel, 1932, Small Town Tyrant, 1944) tells of the degeneration of a professor through his love for a corrupt woman and of his attempt, in turn, to corrupt others. Die Göttinnen (3 vol., 19024; tr. The Goddess, 1918, Diana, 1929) explores sensuality and perversity. The theme of the artist as decadent is found in the novellas of Flöten und Dolche (2 vol., 19045).

Bulgaria, 2005, Marlene Dietrich in The Blue Angel

DDR, 1971, Heirich Mann

German Federal Republic, 1995, Scene from film Man of Straw

Gibraltar, 1995, Marlene Dietrich, The Blue Angel

Mali, 1995, Marlene Dietrich in The Blue Angel


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