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Claudius Matthias

Claudius Matthias (1740—1815)

Matthias Claudius was a German poet, otherwise known by the nom de plume of ASMUS. Claudius was born at Reinfeld, near Lübeck, and studied at Jena. He spent the greater part of his life in the little town of Wandsbeck, near Hamburg, where he earned his first literary reputation by editing from 1771 to 1775, a newspaper called the Wandsbecker... More...

German Federal Republic, 1965, Owl, Hat, Walkingstick and Satchel

German Federal Republic, 1990, Matthias Claudius

Mexico, 1978, Schubert and «Death and the Maiden»

German Federal Republic, 1965.01.21, Hamburg. Matthias Claudius

German Federal Republic, 1990.08.09, Bonn. Matthias Claudius


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