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Katona Jozsef

Katona Jozsef  (1792—1830)

Jozsef (Joseph) Katona, author of the great drama "Bank Ban"; remained practically unknown during his lifetime. The drama, written in 1815, is a historical tragedy in five acts in blank verse. The plot is based on a doubtful historic incident of the XIIIth century: the Palatin, Bank, in the absence of the King is drawn into a violent clash with the Queen and her foreign advisors and eventually kills her. Katona’s characterisation is excellent. Following the example of the French drama, he uses several strong personalities whose violent confrontation causes almost unbearable tension. The drama was later made into a great opera by the composer, Ferenc Erkel.

Hungary, 1953, Bánk bán, Ferenc Erkel

Hungary, 1961, Joseph Katona


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