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Brentano Clemens Maria

Brentano Clemens Maria (1778Ц1842)

German poet of the romantic school; brother of Bettina von Arnim. While studying at Halle and Jena he met Wieland, Herder, and Goethe, but his sympathies were with the younger German romantics. With Achim von Arnim he collaborated on Des Knaben Wunderhorn [the boyТs magic horn] (1806Ц8), a folk-song collection that influenced Eichendorff, Heine, the brothers Grimm and several composers, notably Mahler. Brentano wrote plays, lyric poems, fairy tales, and such novellas as Geschichte vom braven Kasperl und dem schönen Annerl (1817, tr. The Story of the Just Casper and Fair Annie, 1927).

German Federal Republic, 1978, Silhouette of Clemens Bretano

German Federal Republic, 1978.08.17, Bonn. Clemens Brentano


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