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Witkiewicz Stanislaw Ignacy

Witkiewicz Stanislaw Ignacy (Witkacy) (18851939)

Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz was born on February 24th 1885 and learned painting with his father Stanislaw. He started to exhibit his works in 1928 at the Polish section of the Paris Salon dAutomne before playing a major role in the development of painting in his country. Known as an art theoretician and as a philosopher he also played a major... More...

Grenada, 1993, Marysia et Burek a Geylan (Witkiewicz)

Poland, 1985, Marysia and Burek in Ceylon

Poland, 1985, Woman with Fox

Poland, 1985, Self-portrait

Poland, 1985, Composition

Poland, 1985, Nena Stachurska

Poland, 1997, The shoemakers

St. Vincent, 1993, Deux Tetes (Witkiewicz)

Uganda, 1993, Criation (S. Witkiewicz)

Uganda, 1993, Temptation of St. Anthony (S. Witkiewicz)


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