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Roa Bastos Augusto

Roa Bastos Augusto (1917—2005)

Augusto Roa Bastos is widely considered to be the finest Paraguayan author of the 20th century. He published his first work, El ruisenor de la aurora, y otras poemas, in 1942, but his work was not well known outside his native Paraguay until the 1960s, when the increased attention paid to Latin-American literature highlighted his talent. Although he began by writing poetry, Roa Bastos eventually found that the genre did not allow him to express his social concerns, so he turned to prose. His work, mostly novels, is notable for its blending of myth, fantasy, and realism, and its focus on Paraguay's tur bulent military and social history.

Paraguay, 1991, Augusto Roa Bastos


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