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Kirill (Кирилл) of Turov
(12th century)

Kirill (Кирилл) of Turov (12th century)

As the title suggests, Ingunn Lunde has edited a collection of essays dealing with the multifaceted activities of bishop Kirill of Turov (? twelfth century) whose extant writings make him an extremely important figure in the historical development of Christianity among the East Slavs. Writings which pertain to all three of his titles find a... More...

Belarus, 1996, Kirill of Turov

Belarus, 1998, Belarussian postal stamps and emblem of UPU

Belarus, 2005, Monument to Kirill of Turov

Belarus, 2004.09.04—05, Turov. Monument to Kirill of Turov

Belarus, 2002, Monument to Kirill of Turov

Belarus, 2004, Kirill of Turov


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