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Dunin-Marcinkievich (Дунин-Марцинкевiч) Vincent Ivanovich

Dunin-Marcinkievich (Дунин-Марцинкевiч) Vincent Ivanovich (1807—1884)

Vincent Dunin-Marcinkievich is considered a founder of the New Belarusian Literature. His lifework was devoted to establishment of the literature in Belarusian language and he laid the democratic foundations of it's further development. He was prosecuted and offended from both Russian imperial system and polish nobility (shlyahta), and yet he... More...

Belarus, 2008, Vincent Dunin-Marcinkievich

Belarus, 2008.02.04, Minsk. Vincent Dunin-Marcinkievich

Belarus, 2002, Vincent Dunin-Marcinkievich


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