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Vaičiulaitis Antanas

Vaičiulaitis Antanas (1906—1992)

Poet, prose writer, critic, translator. He studied at the Universities of Vilnius, Vytautas the Great, Grenoble and Sorbona. After that he lectured at Vytautas the Great University, worked at the embassy in Rome. In 1940 A. Vaičiulaitis settled in the USA and lectured the Lithuanian language at Marianapolis College. He worked at the office of "The American Voice" (1951-1976), edited various newspapers. A. Vaičiulaitis published several novella collections, the novel "Valentina", several stories and poem collections. He wrote books on literary criticism and travel experience, translated many books from French.

Lithuania, 2006, Antanas Vaičiulaitis


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