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Martić Grga

Martić Grga (1822—1905)

Grga Martić was a Croatian friar and writer from Herzegovina. He was born in Posušje in 1822. After being educated in Zagreb and Pest he spent much of his life's work in Bosnia, in the Franciscan monastery in Kreševo. He is known as a politician who sought for the union of Bosnia and Herzegovina with Croatia. He was a Croatian revivalist, poet and supporter of education for the lower class. In his time he was known as the Croatian Homer. Martić opened a school in Kreševo in 1847 and a gymnasium in Sarajevo. His most well-known literary work was Osvetnici, an epic about the struggle against Ottoman rule.

Bosnia & Herzegovina (Croat administration), 2005, Grga Martić

Yugoslavia, 1972, Grga Martić

Bosnia & Herzegovina (Croat administration), 2005.08.30, Posusje. Grga Martić


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