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Staring Anthoni Christiaan Winand

Staring Anthoni Christiaan Winand(1767—1840)

Poet and writer, born in Gendringen, E Netherlands. A member of the landed gentry of Gelderland, he studied law in Harderwijk, and physics and chemistry in Göttingen, Germany. His early work shows sentimental influences of Rhijnvis Feith, but his later work becomes more concise, terse, humorous, and powerful. The region he lived in, Gelderland, was his greatest source of inspiration. A rationalist, it is only in his choice of subjects (history, nature, folklore) that he can be called a romanticist. He was one of the first Dutch poets that did not strictly observe the rules of metre, but instead gave preference to rhythm.

Netherlands, 1941, Anthoni Christiaan Staring


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