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Fedin (Федин) Konstantin Aleksandrovich

Fedin (Федин) Konstantin Aleksandrovich (1892—1977)

Konstantin Fedin was a Russian novelist and poet. Fedin was born in Saratov, Russia. During the 1920s, he belonged to a literary group called the Serapion Brothers, who supported the Revolution but wanted freedom for literature and the arts. His first story, «The Orchard», was published in 1920. From 1959 until his death he served as chair of the Union of Soviet Writers.

Russia, 1992.02.24, Saratov. Konstantin Fedin

USSR, 1981, Konstantin Fedin

USSR, 1983, Fedin's museum in Saratov

Russia, 1992, Birth Centenary of Konstantin Fedin


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