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Tolstoy (Толстой) Aleksey Konstantinovich

Tolstoy (Толстой) Aleksey Konstantinovich (1817–1875)

Aleksey Tolstoy was a Russian poet, novelist and dramatist. Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy was born in Saint Petersburg to the famed family of counts Tolstoy. He graduated from the University of Moscow in 1836. Aleksey spent most of his life at court, serving first as the Master of Ceremonies, later as Grand Master of Royal Hunting. He retired from service in 1861 to dedicate more time to writing poetry. He wrote admirable ballads, a historical novel, some licentious verse, and satires published under the penname of Kozma Prutkov. But his lasting contribution to the Russian literature was a trilogy of historical dramas, modelled after Pushkin's Boris Godunov.

Russia, 1992.09.05, Sankt-Petersburg. Aleksey Tolstoy

Russia, 1993, House of Aleksey Tolstoy

USSR, 1967, Aleksey Tolstoy

USSR, 1986, Aleksey Tolstoy Monument in Bryansk

Russia, 1992, 175th Birth Anniv of Aleksey Tolstoy

USSR, 1985.02.08, Aleksey Tolstoy monument in Bryansk

USSR, 1985.02.08, Museums of Tolstoy and Tyutchev


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