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Leskov (Лесков) Nikolay Semyonovich

Leskov (Лесков) Nikolay Semyonovich  (1831—1895)

Nikolay Leskov was a Russian journalist, novelist and short story writer, who also wrote under the pseudonym M. Stebnitskii. By many Russians he is considered "the most Russian of all Russian writers". Born in Gorokhovo, Oryol, he began his education at the Oryol lyceé. His father's death and the subsequent loss of his inherited property in... More...

USSR, 1956, Nikolay Leskov

USSR, 1956, Nikolay Leskov

Russia, 2006.02.16—25, Orel. Philatelic exibition in honor of Leskov

Russia, 2006.02.16—28, Orel. Nikolay Leskov

USSR, 1981.02.16, Oryol. 150th Birth anniv of Leskov

Russia, 2006, Leskov Monument in Oryol

USSR, 1981, Nikolay Leskov

USSR, 1988, Leskov Monument in Oryol

Russia, 2006, 175th Birth Anniv of Nikolay Leskov

USSR, 1980.12.04, Leskov's museum in Oryol

USSR, 1991.07.12, Leskov monument in Oryol


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