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Tychina (Тичина) Pavlo Grigorievich

Tychina (Тичина) Pavlo Grigorievich(1891—1967)

Pavlo Tychyna was a major Ukrainian poet. His initial work had strong connections to the symbolist literary movement, but his style transformed a number of times during his long career and frequently aped the acceptable socialist realism. His first works exploded onto the avant-garde Ukrainian scene with their colorful imagery and dynamic rhythms.... More...

USSR, 1991.01.27, Kiev. Birth centenary of Tychina

USSR, 1973, Pavlo Tychina

USSR, 1980, Pavlo Tychina

USSR, 1990, Pavlo Tychina

USSR, 1991, Birth Centenary of Pavlo Tychina


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