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Kuratov (Куратов) Ivan Alekseevich

Kuratov (Куратов) Ivan Alekseevich  (1839—1875)

Ivan Alekseevich Kuratov was a Komi poet and linguist, seen as renovator of Komi literature.

Kuratov started to write verses at age 13, while studying in a seminary, and was engaged in poetry until his death. The most fruitful period of his life were the years spent in the town of Ust-Sysolsk, where Kuratov settled after unsuccessful attempt to continue his education in Moscow. Here he taught country children, worked on linguistics and wrote poetry. During his lifetime Ivan Kuratov published only five poems, under a pseudonym.

USSR, 1989, Ivan Kuratov

USSR, 1989.06.26, Siktivkar. 150th Birth anniv of Kuratov

USSR, 1981, Kuratov monument in Siktivkar

USSR, 1989, Ivan Kuratov

Russia, 1992.06.03, Siktivkar. Monument of Kuratov

USSR, 1990.02.14, Kuratov monument in Siktivkar


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