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Pogodin Nikolay Fyodorovich
(pseudonym for Nikolay Stukalov)

Pogodin Nikolay Fyodorovich (pseudonym for Nikolay Stukalov) (19001962)

Russian writer and playwright. Born 16 November 1900 to a peasant family at Gundorovskaya Stantsiya in what is now the Donetskaya Oblast. He received only an elementary education, and at age 14 he began his working life. Over the next six years he engaged in various occupations: in a clothing shop; selling newspapers; choosing hunks of coal for... More...

Russia, 1999, Mark Bernes in A man with a rifle

USSR, 1971, Boris Shchukin as Lenin

Russia, 1999, Stamps with popular singers

Russia, 2010, Actor Sergey Lukianov in film Cossaks of Kuban

USSR, 1971, Nikolay Pogodin

USSR, 1990, Nikolay Pogodin

Russia, 2005, Actor Boris Tenin as Schweik


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