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Nesîmî (Nəsimi) Seyyid Ali Imaduddin

Nesîmî (Nəsimi) Seyyid Ali Imaduddin (1369—1417)

Seyyid Ali Imaduddin Nesîmî was a 14th-century Turkic Hurufi poet. Known mostly by his pen name (or takhallus) of Nesîmî, he composed one Divan in Azerbaijani Turkic, one in Persian, and a number of poems in Arabic. He is considered one of the greatest Turkic mystical poets of the late 14th and early 15th centuries and one of... More...

USSR, 1973, Imaduddin Nesîmî

USSR, 1973.09.13, Baku. 600th Birth anniv of Nesîmî

USSR, 1973, Nesîmî

USSR, 1983, Nesîmî monument in Baku


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