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Petrov (Петров) Avvakum
(1620 or 1621—1682)

Petrov (Петров) Avvakum (1620 or 1621—1682)

Avvákum Petróv was a Russian protopope of Kazan Cathedral on Red Square who led the opposition to Patriarch Nikon's reforms of the Russian Orthodox Church. His autobiography and letters to the tsar, Boyarynya Morozova and other Old Believers are considered masterpieces of 17th-century Russian literature. Starting in 1652 Nikon, as... More...

Russia, 2000, Dmitri Likhachev and Avvakum

Russia, 1995.11.20, Arkhangelsk. 375th Birth Anniv of Avvakum

Russia, 1995, Protopope Avvakum

Russia, 2002, Stamp with Avvakum

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