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Zhukovsky () Vasily Andreyevich

Zhukovsky () Vasily Andreyevich (17831852)

Vasily Zhukovsky was the foremost Russian poet of the 1810s. He is credited with introducing the Romantic Movement to Russian literature. The main body of his literary output consists of free translations covering an impressively wide range of poets from Ferdowsi to Schiller. Quite a few of his translations proved to be more competently-written... More...

Russia, 1999, Portrait of Pushkin

Russia, 2005, Zhukovsky and prince Alexander

Russia, 2005, Words from Zhukovsky's poem

USSR, 1952, Vasily Zhukovsky

USSR, 1954, Pushkn, Zhukovsky and Glinka

Russia, 2003, Booking buisness magasin

Russia, 2004, 250th Birth Anniversary of Shishkov

Russia, 2008, Vasily Zhukovsky

USSR, 1971.09.23, Detail of monument Millenium of Russia

USSR, 1977.10.04, Pushkin's museum in Mikhailovskoye

USSR, 1981.07.02, Pushkin's room in Mikhailovskoye

USSR, 1983, Birth bicentenary of Zhukovsky


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