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Yazikov (языков) Nikolay Mikhailovich

Yazikov (языков) Nikolay Mikhailovich (1803Ч1846)

Nikolay Yazikov was a Russian poet and Slavophile. Yazikov was born in Simbirsk to a family of land lords. His poems were first printed in 1819. He studied at the philosophy department of Tartu University in 1822Ч1829. During this time, he created his own poetical "light" style. He started to collect Russian folk poetry in 1826, together with P. Kireevsky. In that period, he became closer to Slavophiles, among them Konstantin Aksakov and Aleksey Khomyakov. After residence abroad from 1838, he returned to Moscow in 1843.

Russia, 2003, Nikolay Yazikov

Russia, 2003, House of Nikolay Yazikov

Russia, 2003, Nikolay Yazikov

Russia, 2003, Birth Bicentenary of Nikolay Yazikov

USSR, 1983.04.28, Room with Yazikov and Byron's portraits on the wall


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