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Shukshin () Vasily Makarovich

Shukshin () Vasily Makarovich(19291974)

Actor, film director and writer born in a peasant family in the Siberian village of Srostki, located in the Altai krai. In 1933, his father was executed either for sabotage in the kolkhoz or for inciting a riot. For the sake of the family, Shukshin's mother renounced her husband's name, and gave her son her maiden name of Popov. He lived with this... More...

Russia, 2007, Altay. Shukshin Monument

Russia, Srostki. Shukshin's Readinhg

USSR, 1989.07.26, Srostki. 60th birth anniv of Shukshin

Russia, 2004, Vasily Shukshin

Russia, 2005, Birth Centenary of Mikhail Sholokhov

Russia, 2005, Zhakov and Shukshin in film At Lake

Russia, 2009, Vasiliy Shukshin

USSR, 1975, Scene from the film They Fought for Their Country

USSR, 1989, Vasily Shukshin


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