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Ilf Ilia
and Petrov Evgeny

Ilf Ilia  (18971937) and Petrov Evgeny  (19031942)

Ilya Ilf (Ilya Arnoldovich Faynzilberg) and Evgeny or Yevgeny Petrov (Yevgeniy Petrovich Kataev or Katayev) were two extremely popular Soviet prose authors of the 1920s and 1930s. They did much of their writing together, and are almost always referred to as "Ilf and Petrov". They are best known for two satirical novels: The Twelve Chairs (1928)... More...

Russia, 2001, Lubov Orlova, film Circus

Russia, 2001, Andrey Mironov, film The Twelve Chairs

Ukraine, 2000.04.01, Odessa. Day of Humor

Ukraine, 2002.12.13, Odessa. Birth Centenary of Evgeny Petrov

Ukraine, 2007.10.15, Odessa. Ilia Ilf

Russia, 2001, Stamps with popular cinema actors

Russia, 2003, Grigory Aleksandrov and his films

Russia, 2012, Sergey Filippov as Kisa Vorobyaninov in Twelve chairs

Ukraine, 1997, Characters from The Little Golden Calf

Ukraine, 2000, Ostap Bender with chairs

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Ukraine, 2002, Evgeny Petrov

Ukraine, 2007, Ilia Ilf


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