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Gamzatov () Rasul Gamzatovich

Gamzatov () Rasul Gamzatovich(19232003)

Rasul Gamzatov was born on September 8, 1923, in the Avar village of Tsada in the north-east Caucasus. His father, Gamzat Tsadasa, was a well-known bard, heir to the ancient tradition of minstrelsy still thriving in the mountains.Bards were held in high honour. When Makhmud, famous poet of the previous generation, sang in a busy market-place,... More...

Russia, 1995, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Cranes (Gamzatov)

Russia, 2013, Rasul Gamzatov

Russia, 2006, Cranes (Gamzatov)

Russia, 2006, Cranes (Gamzatov)

Russia, 2007, White Cranes monument in Dagestan

Russia, 2008, Cranes monument in Dagestan

Russia, 2009, Cranes monument in Dagestan


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