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Tolstoy () Aleksey Nikolaevich

Tolstoy () Aleksey Nikolaevich (18831945)

Aleksey Nikolaevich Tolstoy, nicknamed the Comrade Count, was a Soviet Russian writer who wrote in many genres but specialized in science fiction and historical novels. He was born in Nikolaevsk (now Pugachyov, Saratov Oblast) in 1883 into an impoverished branch of the Counts Tolstoy. His father was a retired hussar and landowner, Count Nikolay... More...

Russia, 1992, Buratino

Russia, 2001, Mikhail Zharov, film Petr I

Russia, 2008, Aleksey Tolstoy

USSR, 1958, Aleksey Tolstoy, Bread

Russia, 2008.01.08, Moskow. Aleksey Tolstoy

Russia, 2001, Stamps with popular cinema actors

Russia, 2006, Yakov Protazanov and Aelita

USSR, 1962, Aleksey Tolstoy

USSR, 1975, Aleksey Tolstoy Monument in Moskow

USSR, 1981, Puppets of the Theatre of Sergey Obraztsov

USSR, 1982, Aleksey Tolstoy

Russia, 2001, Birth Centenary of Actor Iliinsky

Russia, 2001, Birth Centenary of Actor Nikolay Simonov

USSR, 1987.01.16, Aleksey Tolstoy museum in Kuibishev


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