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Gafuri () Mazhit Nurganievich

Gafuri () Mazhit Nurganievich (18801934)

Mazhit Gafuri was born on the 2-th of July, 1880 in the village of Zilim-Karanovo, Sterlitamak region. He studied at the Muslim school of Zainulla, the Muslim school Mukhamadiya in Kazan., the Muslim school Galiya in Ufa. He is awarded the title The Hero of Labour. He worked in the genres of poetry, prose and playwriting. His first books... More...

Russia, Ufa. Museum of Gafuri

Russia, 2000, Mazhit Gafuri

USSR, 1984.07.04, Gafuri monument in Ufa

USSR, 1985.06.28, Gafuri monument in Ufa

USSR, 1990.01.29, Gafuri monument in Ufa


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