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Charents (Չարենց, born Yeghishe Soghomonian) Yeghishe

Charents (Չարենց, born Yeghishe Soghomonian) Yeghishe (1897—1937)

Yeghishe Charents was an Armenian poet executed in Stalin's purges. From 1904 to 1912 Yeghishe Soghomonian was at school in Kars, then part of the Russian Empire. Amid the upheavals of the First World War and the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire, he volunteered in 1915 for the Caucasian Front. In 1917 to 1918 he was in Erzurum during the bitter fighting. Some of his experiences would later appear in his poetry. Charents was rehabilitated in 1954 after Stalin's death. His home at No. 17, Mashtots Avenue in Yerevan was turned into a museum in 1975.

USSR, 1958, Egishe Charents

USSR, 1967, Egishe Charents

USSR, 1987, Egishe Charents


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