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Kropivnitsky Marko

Kropivnitsky Marko  (18401910)

Ukrainian actor, author, composer, playwright, theater director.

Kropyvnytskys many-sided activity has educated generations of Ukrainian actors professionals, he was recognized a farther of the Ukrainian theater.

Theater critics compared performances of Kropyvnytskys troupe with performances of the German troupe Meininghentsi well-known all over the world that visited Russian Empire in the 70s of the XIX century.

USSR, 1965, Marko Kropivnitsky

Ukraine, 2010.05.21, Kiev. Marko Kropivnitsky

Ukraine, 2010.05.21, Kropivnitsky. Marko Kropivnitsky

USSR, 1965.05.07, Kiev. 125th Birth anniv of Kropivnitsky

USSR, 1990.05.22, Kirovgrad. Marko Kropivnitsky

USSR, 1965, Marko Kropivnitsky

USSR, 1981, Kropivnitsky monument in Kirovograd

USSR, 1989, Marko Kropivnitsky

USSR, 1990, Kropivnitsky's museum in Kirovgrad


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