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Sabir (Mirza Alekber Tahirzade)

Sabir (Mirza Alekber Tahirzade)(18621911)

If the artistic thought of the Azerbaijanian people found its fullest epic completeness and perfection in Nizamis verses and Fuzulis works have been the exemplars of lyric to this day, the satirical trend in Azerbaijanian literature and, especially, in poetry is inseparable from the name of Sabir the true symbol of Azeri realistic poetry.... More...

Azerbaijan, 2012, Sabir

USSR, 1962, Sabir

USSR, 1962.05.29, Baku. Birth centenary of Sabir

USSR, 1962.05.29, Shemakha. Birth centenary of Sabir

USSR, 1962, Sabir monument in Baku

USSR, 1985, Sabir monumentin Baku

USSR, 1976.11.22, Sabir monument in Baku


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