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Sayat-Nova (Սայաթ-Նովա)

Sayat-Nova (Սայաթ-Նովա) (1712—1795)

Sayat-Nova, or 'King of Songs' is the name given to Harutyun Sayatyan. His mother, Sara, was born in Tbilisi, and his father, Karapet, either in Aleppo or Adana. He was skilled in writing poetry, singing and playing the kamancheh. He performed in the court of Heraclius II of Georgia, where he also worked as a diplomat, and apparently helped forge... More...

Armenia, 2012, Monument of Sayat-Nova

USSR, 1962, Sayat-Nova

USSR, 1987.10.30, Yerevan. 275th Birth anniv of Sayat-Nova

USSR, 1963, Sayat-Nova

USSR, 1965, Sayat-Nova

USSR, 1972, Sayat-Nova monument in Yerevan

USSR, 1987, Sayat-Nova

USSR, 1971.01.20, Sayat-Nova monument in Yerevan


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