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Stefanyk (Стефаник) Vasyl Semenovich

Stefanyk (Стефаник) Vasyl Semenovich(1871—1936)

Ukranian writer, he was master of impressionist prose. In the course of his studies Stefanyk became aquainted with Les Martovych and Lev Bachynsky, both of whom had an influence on his life: Martovych turned him to writing, and Bachynsky steered him toward community-political involvement. Later, while he was a student of medicine at Cracow... More...

Ukraine, 1996, Vasil Stefanik

Ukraine, 1996.05.16, Rusiv. Vasil Stefanik

USSR, 1971.05.14, Ivano-Frankovsk. Vasyl Stefanyk

USSR, 1971.05.14, Kiev. Vasyl Stefanyk

USSR, 1971, Vasyl Stefanyk


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