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Tsaturyan Alexander Ovsepovich

Tsaturyan Alexander Ovsepovich(1865—1917)

Armenian poet and translator. Born in the city of Zakatyly, Azerbaijan. Published his work since 1885. Since 1888, lived in Moscow. His first collection Poems was released in 1891. Tsaturyan depicts hard work, sufferings, and dreams of his native people (Sufferings Made of Songs cycle, 1893) and workers' struggle against the oppressors (Maid's Lullaby, 1910). In the satiric poetry collection Quill's Joke (1901), Tsaturyan ridicules at the vices of the rich and the clergy. Translated into Armenian and published a collection Russian Poets (books 1 & 2, 1905). Many of Tsaturyan's poems became folk songs.

USSR, 1989, Alexander Tsaturyan


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