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Veresaev (Вересаев) Vikenty Vikentevich

Veresaev (Вересаев) Vikenty Vikentevich(1867—1945)

Pen-name of V.V. Smidovich, born on 16 January 1867 in Tula into a large family. His father was a doctor and social activist.The young Veresaev studied at the Tula Classical Gymnasium, where he was an outstanding student, excelling particularly in ancient languages. He began to write poetry at age 13.Upon graduation from the gymnasium in 1884,... More...

USSR, 1967.01.16, Tula. Birth Centenary of Veresaev

USSR, 1966, Vikenty Veresaev

USSR, 1991, Vikenty Veresaev

USSR, 1977.09.07, Veresayev monument in Tula


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