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Khotkevych (Хоткевич) Hnat Martynovich

Khotkevych (Хоткевич) Hnat Martynovich(1877—1938)

Hnat Khotkevych was a Ukrainian writer, ethnographer, playwright, composer, musicologist, and bandurist. His mother was a domestic worker. Little is known about his father, who left the family in the mid-1880s. As a youth he learned to play the piano and violin and later learned to play the bandura through observing the blind folk players of the... More...

Ukraine, 2002.12.21, Ivano-Frankovsk. Hnat Khotkevych

Ukraine, 2002, Hnat Khotkevych

Ukraine, 2007, Hnat Khotkevych


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