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Karpenko-Karyy (Карпенко-Карий) Ivan Karpovych

Karpenko-Karyy (Карпенко-Карий) Ivan Karpovych(1845—1907)

Dramatist, actor, director, theater figure. Working on the stage since 1889 and up to the end of his life as a professional actor Ivan Karpovych Tobilevych (Karpenko-Karyy) created a number of unique scenic images which are considered to be real treasure of established by him realistic-everyday theater and starting conditions of modern theater... More...

Ukraine, 1995, Ivan Karpenko-Karyy

USSR, 1965.09.29, Kiev. 120th Birth anniv of Karpenko-Karyy

Ukraine, 1998, Museum of Ivan Karpenko-Karyy

USSR, 1965, Ivan Karpenko-Karyy

USSR, 1985, Ivan Karpenko-Karyy


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