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Bakunts (Բակունց) Axel (Aksel)

Bakunts (Բակունց) Axel (Aksel) (1899—1937)

Axel Bakunts (real name - Alexander Stepani Tevosyan) was an Armenian prose writer, film-writer, translator and public activist. He was born in a family of peasants. In 1923 he finished the Agricultural university of Kharkov and became the senior agronomist of Zangezur region.

His most famous works are "Alpiakan manushak" (dedicated to the Arpenik Charents, the first wife of Yeghishe Charents), "Lar-Markar", "Namak rusats tagavorin" ("A letter to the Russian czar"), "Kyores" (1935) etc. Bakunts also was a film-writer ("Zangezur", etc.).

In 1937 he became a victim of Stalinism and was executed after a 25-minute trial.

USSR, 1989, Axel Bakunts


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