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Yetim Gurdji (იეთიმ გურჯი)

Yetim Gurdji (იეთიმ გურჯი) (1875—1940)

Yetim Gurdji (real name: Yetim Dabghashvili) was a Georgian poet. He wrote in Georgian, Armenian and Azeri languages. His poetry mainly was distributed orally, by songs, which he created and performed himself. Main motives of his poetry were the lives of late 19th and early 20th century Old Tbilisi bohemians, along with workers, peasants and petit burguasie.

His first book "Poem of Anabadji" was published in 1909, collection of short poems "New Poet and Songs" - 1911, "Yetim's New Poems" - 1913, "Tango" - 1914. In 1928 Ioseb Grishashvili and in 1958 Andro Tevzadze published his "Selected Poems".

USSR, 1986.09.24, Yetim Gurdji monument in Tbilisi


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