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Arsenyev () Vladimir Klavdiyevich

Arsenyev () Vladimir Klavdiyevich (18721930)

Vladimir Arsenyev was a Russian explorer of the Far East who recounted his travels in a series of books, telling of his military journeys to the Ussuri basin with Dersu Uzala, a native trapper, from 1902 to 1907. He was the first to describe numerous species of Siberian flora. Arsenyev was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. His father was a former... More...

San-Marino, 2010, Ran, Dersu Uzala

USSR, 1956, Vladimir Arsenyev, Dersu Uzala

USSR, 1972.09.10, Khabarovsk. Birth Centenary of Arseniev

USSR, 1972.09.10, Vladivostock. Birth Centenary of Arseniev

USSR, 1972, Vladimir Arsenyev

USSR, 1973, Arsenyev Monument in Khabarovsk

USSR, 1988.01.07, Arseniev monument in Arseniev


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