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Stanković (Станковић) Borisav "Bora"

Stanković (Станковић) Borisav "Bora" (1876—1927)

Borisav "Bora" Stanković was a Serbian writer belonging to the school of realism. His novels and short stories depict the life of people from Southern Serbia. He completed the primary and secondary school in Vranje, and law school in Belgrade. He worked as a clerk (first customs official then tax official) in Belgrade. During World War I he resided in Niš, then in Montenegro where he was taken captive by and departed to PoW camp in Derventa. After the war he worked in Department of arts with the Ministry of Justice. He died in Belgrade 1927. His most famous works are drama Koštana and novel Impure Blood (Nečista krv).

Serbia, 2010, Borisav Stanković

Yugoslavia, 1976, Borisav Stanković


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