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Steeman Stanislas-Andre

Steeman Stanislas-Andre  (19081970)

Stanislas-Andre Steeman is an author and Belgian illustrator of French expression. It was selected like one of the Hundred Walloons of the century, by the Institut Jules Destrée, in 1995. Journalist with the Belgian Nation between 19281933, it appeared initially in several tens of Cartoons before 1920. Better known as author of detective novels of which several will be adapted to the screen, as The assassin lives with the 21 , published in 1939 and transcribed for the cinema by Henri-Georges Clouzot. For the anecdote, this novel is concocté at its address with the Square of the Valley of Cambers to the number 21, with Ixelles. The French critics called it the Simenon belge.

Belgium, 2008, The assassin lives with the 21


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